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Experiencing problems with your device? Dive into our troubleshooting guides for quick and effective solutions, and get back to vaping in no time!



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My vaporizer isn’t charging

Try another USB cable. Sometimes USB cables do fail, out of normal wear and tear. Also, some older USB cables are not capable of carrying the full ampage that our vapes require, and so won’t work, so try to stick to the cable that came with your vape

My Battery Won't Hold a Charge

My Battery Won't Hold a Charge. Some battery degradation is normal over time, with regular use of any rechargeable battery, and vape batteries are not immune to this. If your vaporizer is older than 1 year, it will lose its ability to hold a charge,

My vape tastes weird

My vape tastes weird - New vape. When you buy something new, it smells ‘new’. A new car, for example, or a new pair of shoes. They have that ‘new smell’, and vapes are no different. Like a car and shoes, that ‘new vape’ smell will fade and is totally

My Arizer is giving me error codes

Arizer Portables - Error Codes General Troubleshooting. Error codes:. Error 1:. Error 1 indicates that your battery temperature could be too high. If this is the case, consider moving to a cooler environment, or allow your vape to cool after it’s bee

Mighty error codes

If your Mighty or Mighty+ is giving you an error code, the first thing you should do is try to charge it differently. Plug it directly into the wall. Ensure that your wall-to-USB adapter is capable of delivering 5V DC, and can produce 2.4 Amps as a m

I am getting little to no vapor

How recently did you maintain your vape?. A poorly maintained vaporizer isn’t able to produce vapor, as the vapor path can become obstructed, so make sure to give your vaporizer regular cleans and an occasional deep clean. Each vaporizer has its own

I am unable to draw from my device

Grind and PackPairing the correct grind with the heating your device uses is essential. If your device is convective, it will prefer a coarser grind; sometimes, even your fingers will suffice. A coarser grind with a gentle pack works best for convect

My torch lighter isn’t working

How annoying is it when you go to use your vaporizer, only to find that your torch lighter isn't working?Most users face issues with their torch lighter whenever it depletes or when refilling their lighter. Before moving forward, please ensure that y

The mouthpiece on my V3 Pro is wobbly/loose

Troubleshooting. Typically, we find that a POTV V3 Pro's mouthpiece becomes wobbly, or loose, once the vaporizer has cooled down. We invite you to see how it tightens up once your vape has warmed up to vaping temperatures. Two things to check:1. Make