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I am getting little to no vaporUpdated 7 months ago

How recently did you maintain your vape?

A poorly maintained vaporizer isn’t able to produce vapor, as the vapor path can become obstructed, so make sure to give your vaporizer regular cleans and an occasional deep clean. Each vaporizer has its own maintenance ritual, and we’ve produced cleaning guides for all of the vapes we list, which can be found here

Are you using dosing capsules?

Some vapes produce more vapor with the introduction of dosing capsules, as surrounding your herbs with an extra layer of metal will add a little more conductive heating and help keep the oven clean, thus reducing required maintenance, which is also good for vapor production. 

The trade-off is that the heat will take longer to conduct through the dosing capsule and throughout your herbs, which means that it takes more ‘priming draws’ before you see visible vapor. 

A way to counteract this is to leave the herbs preheating in the capsule, in the oven, for an extra minute before you take your first draw, to give everything that extra time it needs to get to temperature. 

The orientation of your vape matters

Are you vaping while standing up, sitting down, or lying down? Most vapes prefer to be held upright, allowing optimum heat transfer throughout the oven. The reason for this is that heat rises. If you’re lying down, chances are your vape is also in a horizontal position, which can inhibit vapor production. 

If it still ain’t hittin’, hit us up

There are a lot of factors that go into making sure your vape continues to belt out the biggest clouds of vapor, and while we’ve tried to cover all the bases in this article, if you’re still having issues, please reach out to our skilled Vape Experts via our contact form who will be happy to provide you with more vape-specific information to get you back up and vaping, A-SAP. 

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