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My lips are burningUpdated 4 months ago

Vapes get hot

Because vapes operate at, or around 400°F, they will get hot; there’s no getting around that. Some are better at insulating that heat than others, and some are prone to getting warmer around the mouthpiece area than others. 

Turn the temperature down

One factor that could contribute to a hot mouthpiece and discomfort on the lips include vaping at maximum temperature. If your lips feel like they’re getting too warm, you should first try turning the temperature down. 

Clean your vape

A lack of maintenance could also be why your vape is getting too hot around the mouthpiece area. Ensure that your mouthpiece and the loading area (the area around the oven) are free of any loose herbs or herbs that have been compacted down. As a point of best practice, you should always brush out the oven and the loading area after each use to help prevent any such build-up. 

Stay in the shade

Environmental factors can also contribute to a hot mouthpiece, such as vaping in a warm environment or in direct sunlight. That’s because the sun's heating effect will warm the mouthpiece, and coupled with the warmth coming up from the vape, can make the outside of the vape uncomfortably hot. So, using your vape in the shade on a warm summer day will help. 

Cool it

There’s one surefire way to increase the cooling of your vape, and that’s to change the mouthpiece. We have a range of bubblers and mouthpieces designed to cool and condition your vapor, and a bubbler’s mouthpiece will never get hot. So take a look, and if you’d like to discuss more with our team of Vape Experts, please get in touch with us via our contact page.

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