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Burn Offs

How do I do a burnoff?. Make sure the oven is completely empty. Attach the mouthpiece to the vape. Turn the vape on. Set the temperature to maximum. Set the vape down on a flat surface. Leave it to run at maximum temperature. Once the auto shut-off t

My Vaporizer is hot

Dry herb vaporizers will get hot during normal use. Even those with the best insulation will radiate some heat to the body of the vape, but some have better insulation than others. Some even double as hand warmers in winter. What to do if your vape i

My lips are burning

Vapes get hot. Because vapes operate at, or around 400°F, they will get hot; there’s no getting around that. Some are better at insulating that heat than others, and some are prone to getting warmer around the mouthpiece area than others. Turn the te

What temperature is best to vape at?

Personal preference. This is a question that we get a lot, and the honest answer is ‘whichever temperature is right for you’. Storz & Bickel recommend using their products at 356°F (180°C); from personal experience, that temperature works great. Othe

What accessories should I get?

Enhance your vaping experience. So you’ve got your new vape, and you’re thinking about ways to get that bad boy fully tricked out? Then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s look at all the ways you can customize your vapor, to better suit the experi